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 Henan GX-mach Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional stone paper technology R&D, equipment design and production enterprise. The self-developed stone paper blowing machine, casting machine, rolling machine, special coating machine and supporting equipment have been sold well in China and abroad.  Henan GX-mach adheres to the customer-oriented principles to provide perfect technical support and after-sales training services. Henan GX-mach focuses on the development of environmental paper industry, and works with customers to create a complete chain of stone paper industry.


Henan GX-mach Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd.

Tel  : 0398-6190818  
M/T: 86-13949760754 0086-13383989909
Fax : 398-6190818
Chengdong Industrial Park,Lingbao City,Henan Province,China
Contact: Jason 
E-mail: imstonepaper@163.com
Website: www.imstonepaper.com

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