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    Henan GX-mach Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of stone paper production technology research and development and equipment design, self-developed and manufactured blowing stone paper machine, casting stone paper machine, rolling stone paper machine, stone paper special coating machine and stone paper manufacturing projects, have sold well at home and abroad. Our company adheres to the principle of putting customer's interests first and provides customers with perfect technical support and after-sales training services. Our company focused on the development of environmental paper industry, and works with customers to create a complete environmental paper industry chain.

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Henan GX-mach Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd.

Tel  : 0398-6190818  
M/T: 86-13949760754 0086-13383989909
Fax : 398-6190818
Chengdong Industrial Park,Lingbao City,Henan Province,China
Contact: Jason 
E-mail: imstonepaper@163.com
Website: www.imstonepaper.com

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