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New Year Message of Henan GX in 2023
2023-2-2 9:08:07

At the beginning of the New Year, everything will be renewed!

We express our sincere thanks to friends from all walks of life and domestic and foreign partners. We experienced a year with full of challenges in 2022 and are ushering a new year of 2023. It was a year of hard work and striving in 2022, as well as a great development year of Henan GX. Our employees, along the company's development direction, have made great achievements by being conscientious, hard working, dedicated and working together towards the common goals.

Looking forward to 2023, Henan GX will work harder in the industry, face challenges directly, keep forging ahead and adhere to the enterprise spirit of "seeking truth and pragmatism, pioneering and innovation". Additionally, we will accelerate to promote the management, transformation, upgrading and innovative development, establish the business philosophy of “scaled industry, high-end brand, and standardized management", and enhance the market competitiveness. Moreover, we will save costs and increase efficiency, create excellence and innovation, and improve the management level. We will expand the market, create high-quality products, and promote quality upgrading and development to serve domestic and abroad customers better. Furthermore, we will implement the essence of the corporate culture, i.e. "respect, diligence, thrift and modesty", and enhance the centripetal force of employees by cohesion and cultural inspiration. With hard work and unremitting pursuit, All-round win-win will be surely achieved between the company and employees, the company and customers, the company and society, and the cause and benefit. 

The road of life will not be smooth, and it is the same for the career. Only striving and struggle will make you reach the side of success. The New Year means new start, new opportunities and new challenges. Focusing on the set goals, all members of Henan GX will move forward corporately and bravely under the leadership of Chairman Li Yuan to achieve a more brilliant tomorrow in the New Year!

Di Jiansen

Deputy General Manager of Henan GX Environmental Technology Co., Ltd

February 01, 2023


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