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Rolling paper machine

The granules manufactured by the granulator are conveyed to the internal mixer for even mixing, and then

poured into the open mill. After being milled and filtered, they are conveyed to a multi-roll calender to be pressed into uniform flakes. The thickness of the flakes is adjusted by controlling the gap between the rolling rollers and the stretching speed, and then they are cooled and finalized by the cooling wheel group. After flattening, appearance inspection, thickness detection and electrostatic elimination and cutting of  ear materials from both sides, the flakes are winded and become the base paper of stone paper.

The products produced by the equipment can be used as handbag paper, packaging paper, decorative paper, label paper, special paper, etc., such as wood decorative film on the surface of high-density artificial board, wallpaper, handbag, imitation leather paper, book cover, fine packaging paper box, etc.


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